Time to take back your privacy


Securing your data and messaging with total privacy

We are an international startup by Finnish technology and design experts working together with US partners. We believe it's time for people and companies to have their privacy back and data secured. With this philosophy, we develop software and apps for everyday life in the public sector, companies, families and private individuals.

Our products range from data storage, sharing and instant messaging to various software suites that are all based on our disruptive security technology. We will never collect your data and sell it forward and no one else can access your data, unless you want them to.

Cyber security

Our security architecture isn't just highly developed encryption, it also includes the user and utilises different data transfer mechanics to achieve security that is impenetrable.

100% privacy

Every popular app, software and service collects your data. We don't collect any user data, period. Our customers are not products to us, our highly innovative software and apps are the products.

User experience

In addition to your privacy, we also care about your enjoyment. We design our products with our users in mind. We continuously test and improve the usability and user experience in our products.

"Our mission is to give people and companies back their privacy!"

Lauri Tunnela, Cybersecurity Expert and Paranotek founder

Our technology gives privacy and security back to the people

We design our software with our user's best interest in mind

Our data storage and communications services will never collect or store any of your private information and when used correctly, will be virtually impenetrable. Our technology helps to secure all communications in many different fields and industries and even in your personal life.